[CWs] Blackberry Blood – A Dark Selection of Poetry and Fiction

In addition to violence, thematic elements, and language, please review the list
below of possible triggers you may wish to avoid in the following stories:

The Trunk
Body horror

Bird Brother
Murder/suicide, surveillance

My Abby
Child death, child abduction, fire and fire injury

Pumpkin Mom
Alcoholism, child abuse, animal death

Soul to Keep
Car accident, murder

What You Never Wanted
Self-worth, depression

Piece by Piece
Body horror

Endangerment of a minor

Though This Feelin’ I Can’t Change
Child death, child abduction

The Greater Secrets of Carbocations

Dinner Guests
Body horror, endangerment of a minor

Sympathetic Cells
Body horror, blood

The Ones In Between
Blood, child death, severe illness

Beyond Shadow
Suicide, murder, grief

Fear of Myself
Self-worth, depression

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