[BLURBS] Early Praise for ‘Milk Teeth’ by Andrew Post

“A Laymon-esque backwoods family with a penchant for drinking blood, and a kick-ass young woman protagonist keeping their shit together. Milk Teeth shows us it’s not only the humans in the arse-end of nowhere we need to be afraid of. Part Texas Chainsaw, part Wishmaster, I hope Post creates more stories within this universe as I feel there is still much to learn …

A highly enjoyable tale with enough violence to please us more extreme readers; you’ll be glad you didn’t take a wrong turn and happen across the Breathlands …” Janine Pipe—Splatterpunk Award nominated author of Twisted: Tainted Tales

“Serial killing, cannibalizing, ancient covenants with evil entities from beyond, Milk Teeth by Andrew Post has it all. Fans of Kealan Patrick Burke’s Kin and Ania Ahlborn’s Brother will be disgusted and delighted in equal measure by this twisted little novella.” Daniel Barnett—Author of Longreave and Poor Things

Milk Teeth is a gloriously messed-up gnarly rollercoaster of a tale; a deep dark dive into supernatural horror, twisted family secrets, weaponized sexuality and weird religion all set in the desolate Deep South. Guaranteed to grab you by the throat and drag you along for the ride.” Tabatha Wood—Author of Dark Winds Over Wellington and Seeds

Milk Teeth is a new bizarro witching tale from the imagination of Andrew Post. In this most peculiar oddity, Post showcases the prodigious storytelling abilities readers have come to enjoy from his previous works, Chop Shop, Mondo Crimson and Switchboard. Here is just another fantastic book that will swallow up a reader’s imagination from start to finish.” Andrew ‘The Book Dad’

“Andrew Post delivers a crazy, thrilling, and gory punch with Milk Teeth. It feels like a melting pot of a Rob Zombie screenplay and an unworldly Clive Barker horror story.” E. Reyes—Author of The Halloween Grindhouse and The House on Moon Creek Avenue

“Southern-fried Lovecraft. Hell of a ride from page one. Post’s world-building feels rich and lived-in, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Milk Teeth is perhaps the best novella of the year. Count me as a fan for life.” Spencer Hamilton—Author of The Fear and Kitchen Sink

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