Where did ‘Dead as Soon as Born’ and ‘Kill for Them’ go?

Snow-Capped Press is run by author Aiden Merchant, in case you weren’t already aware. Since this post is specifically regarding my work, I’m going to talk in the first person without the royal we. I am Aiden Merchant, and I am the one speaking to you right now (haha).

If you follow me online (despite the fact I’ve recently deleted my personal Twitter, leaving me with nothing but Instagram), then you probably saw a post or two warning readers that my first two story collections would be vanishing this summer. Well, that has officially happened. Technically, third party sellers are on Amazon trying to sell a couple copies for top dollar, but the books are no longer in print or available as e-books (outside of this website).

Why? Why have I stopped production of these two varied collections?

I’m one of those writers with OCD and ADHD creeping into his productivity on a regular basis. Though I love the stories in both Dead as Soon as Born and Kill for Them, the writing on some of those stories is rough. I can be a bit of perfectionist with my writing, which leads to numerous edits and rewrites over time. Those two collections consist primarily of stories written nearly a decade ago. My writing has changed a lot since then.

What I’ve decided to do is hit these stories hard with edits, bringing them more up to speed with my current style. Not only that, some/most of these stories will be extended. Seeing as these two collections were big (DASAB was around 500 pages) and people in the community seem to prefer shorter books these days, I decided I would re-release these “re-imagined” stories in a series of small volumes under the title of Decade. This would happen in 2022, which will mark a decade of me taking writing seriously. There will be around 12 of these, based on my current outlines, due to size and themes. I will be making each volume follow some sort of central atmosphere, such as monsters, which would include the stories “Out at Sea” and “Stubby Legs.” Though the volumes will vary in length, they will all be around 100 pages or less probably, with the exception of the novellas. “Crossing Red” and “Crimson Road: Faces” are both already long enough on their own, so with their extensions, they’ll probably fall between 100-150 pages each. They will get their own books without any other stories attached. “Pray” will also get a similar treatment by appearing alongside its brand new sequel, “Pray Again.”

The Decade series will release in 2022 in paperback and digital. The e-books will only be $1 each. You could buy all of them for $12 – that’s the cost on one normal book, and yet there will be nearly 1,000 pages of content. The paperbacks will vary slightly in cost – depending on size and what options the printers (like Amazon) provide me – but I always try to go for the cheapest price point. Only collectors are likely to look at these, and I’m aware of that.

Not only will all these stories be better, but the volumes will also allow readers to choose their level of darkness. What I mean is people have a tendency to assume my first two collections are horror, but they aren’t. There’s a mix in them, including quite a bit of crime. The volumes will reflect this. There will actually be a volume set specifically for the crime-based stories, for example.

I will post another blog shortly about some other new work coming your way over the next 6 months.

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