Who the hell are we?

Snow-Capped Press is an independent publisher and editor established in 2020 by Aiden Merchant. The press was first used to release his third collection, Horrific Holidays. All of his collections have since been reissued under Snow-Capped Press with new edits, stories, layouts, and covers.

In November ’21, we will be releasing our first anthology of writers in the genre dark fiction. You can find details regarding that collection here. Blackberry Blood features an amazing cover by Bram Stoker nominated author and artist, Gemma Amor, as well as a Foreword by Sadie Hartmann (aka Mother Horror).

In ’22, we hope to release at least one more anthology, as well as (hopefully, assuming finances work out) a novella or novel from someone other than Merchant. Right now, we are tiny and poor, but strive to grow tremendously over the next year or two. Our goal is to eventually have the ability to release a book every quarter by the authors we admire and enjoy. Though horror and dark fiction variants are our primary focus, we are also open to more mainstream genres, including crime, suspense, and science-fiction.

You can reach us via aiden@snowcappedbooks.com (for general inquiries), submissions@snowcappedbooks.com (for submissions, if there is an established open call in place), or reviews@snowcappedbooks.com (for ARC requests). Please make sure to make the subject line of your email clear and specific. For example, if requesting a book for review, you may type your subject as “ARC Request – Horrific Holidays by Aiden Merchant.”

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